Elite International Model United Nation Conference 2019


What is EIMUN?

EliteIMUN is an international relations simulation, started by the students of Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, with the sole purpose of developing the skills related to diplomacy such as negotiations, teamwork, leadership and, most importantly, debate. Hundreds of high school students gather to share their experience as well as learn more from others..

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Elite International Model United Nation Conference

About Ave
About Ave


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Conference Theme

Conference Theme: ‘Climate Reality’

As this is our first year of conference, we have chosen a very timely, general theme. We are indeed raising awareness for the environmental crises we humans are currently facing, worldwide. For this year, what differs us from other MUNs is that we have a general theme which is entitled: “Climate Reality”. Including this topic, we have made it our utmost importance to make this year extraordinary, furthering experiences to those who participated in the previous years. Such sought-after things like topics, dress code and delegate package will be included to provide a complete platform of the event.

Our MUN gives a new breath to the MUN culture. It will be the first ever MUN annually in scene happening every first week of November, thus making it a fixed timetable even in the next years to come. Being also the first to have, you our delegates, are obliged to follow the dress code which is “Red”. You can freely wear anything red such as lipstick, ties, socks, shoes and etc. The theme is effecting the delegate package the most as it is environmental friendly.

In the light of things, we are having International delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia and China as well as committees dedicated to them. We have 4 English, 1 Chinese, 1 Russian and 1 Mongolian committees in support to the proceedings and pursuits respectively. We are currently marketing around Chinese and Russian schools as to encourage students in joining the MUN.

Hence, student delegates will have the choice to choose a committee they are comfortable with in speaking. The committees will be named as follows: WHO for the Chinese Committee, UNICEF for the Russian committee, ECOSOC for the Mongolian committee, whereas SOCHUM, WIPO, HUNSC, and DISEC for the four English committees.

For those who are joining MUN for the first time and it happens to be with us, you are indeed in high traces of prevalence. Furthermore, the delegates who will most likely be in the English committee will be duly classified into three categories namely: WIPO - Beginner, HUNSC- Intermediate and DISEC- Advanced.

Gearing towards the mission and vision as dedicated solely to EMUN, we come up with our very own MOTTO which is “Be Respectful and kind”.
We wish you delegates to follow the above SAYING on your whole MUN journey with us. Remember to have fun but don’t forget to be responsible and earnest with your undertakings. For further information, you may contact +976 99142553 Or visit our Facebook page Elite International Model United Nations and follow our Instagram account to get the latest notifications about EMUN.

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